Typico Mexico Eco Tours

Typico Mexico Eco Tours

A Look at Puerto Vallartarom the time we pick you up from your luxurious seaside resort hotel we will fill your heart and mind with a treasure chest of memories of our beautiful tropical paradise. We will show you the “REAL” Puerto Vallarta, its people, its history and its splendid natural scenic treasures.

Typico Mexico Eco ToursA Look at Puerto Vallartahe route to the nearby mountain village of El Tuito will pass along the coastal highway, south of Puerto Vallarta, where every curve in the road brings another breathtaking view of the beautiful beaches and bays of the Banderas Bay coastline.

A Look at Puerto Vallartas the road winds its way up the valley to El Tuito the tropical rainforest vegetation becomes more dense, sometimes so high and thick it covers the sky. In the rainy season you will see many spectacular waterfalls springing from mountain sides.

A Look at Puerto Vallartat El Tuito you’ll enjoy a breakfast of coffee, fruit juice and ham & cheese sandwiches, while learning the history of the people of this charming mountain village.

Typico Mexico Eco ToursA Look at Puerto Vallartarom El Tuito your trip takes you through a more arid terrain, the Valley of Tomatlan, toward the next stop at a Banana Plantation.

A Look at Puerto Vallartafter touring the Banana Plantation, our tour continues to the Ecological Preserve Majahaus, where you will board a boat and visit the biology encampment of the University of Autonomous of Mexico, a preserve for the nesting of an endangered species of Ridley Sea Turtles. The encampment is located on a beautiful beach where waves over 5 meters high are often seen and heard crashing on the sand.

Typico Mexico Eco ToursA Look at Puerto Vallartafter your tour of the Ecological Preserve, you will return to Tomatlan for a delicious lunch, then on to visit the Iglesia De Santiago, a school constructed atop ancient Indian ruins using the stones of those original structures.

A Look at Puerto Vallarta n your way back to El Tuito you will visit another ancient Indian historical site, at La Pintada, containing petroglyphs and more than 200 pre-hispanic grave sites.

A Look at Puerto Vallartance back in El Tuito you will feel the spirit of the “REAL” Mexico in the Main Town Square lined with many quaint shops where you can try a locally brewed beverage called “Racilla.”

Typico Mexico Eco ToursA Look at Puerto VallartaeadingĀ  home we will stop at “Chico’s Paradise”, a favorite of many of Vallarta’s locals. Here you can enjoy a cool beverage and view of the lush tropical rainforest.

A Look at Puerto Vallartaou’ll return to your hotel around 6:00 pm enriched with the cultural and geographic diversity and beauty of Puerto Vallarta and its people.

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